#FoodPorn, Avidité

"#FoodPorn" or "Avidité" is a contemporary still life; a painting in the style of pop-art bordered with hyperrealism, and even surrealism, aiming to convey a powerful message to our consumption-driven society.

In the pursuit of aesthetic balance and an exploration of contemporary concepts of beauty, this artwork plays with realistic textures, offering spectators a sensory journey that awakens their olfactory, auditory, and gustatory senses.

However, the journey is faked; its taste quickly takes on some tangy notes.

The subject, easily recognizable and desired, appears to be decomposed and then reconstructed by incorporating new subtle and dynamic elements. These transformations alter its appearance, prompting spectators to explore the tensions between desire and restraint, while criticizing the superficiality of modern society, and creating an immersive experience that goes beyond mere visual perception.

#FoodPorn, Avidité  |  2024  |  Oil on canvas  |  100 x 100 cm (40" x 40") 

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