Contemporary still life "Ovulation" highlights the cyclical aspect of female life, while revealing the inner conflicts related to motherhood.

The choice of elements - white eggs, red bottles, and a gold pocket watch - symbolizes fertility, blood, and the unstoppable passage of time. The pastel rose, bleu and cream colors evoke birth, while the vivid red of the bottles and the gold of the watch add a touch of conflict. 

This composition invites reflection on taboo subjects of unwanted and/or unrealized motherhood. 

It gives a voice to the often silent and solitary experiences lived by women worldwide, whether they undergo the long journey of procreation, secretly carrying the burden of uncertainty and unexpressed hopes, defying social norms that urge them to ignore these feelings.

'Ovulation' also speaks to all women who have experienced miscarriage. Or those who have made the difficult decision to abort. It addresses to non-binary individuals navigating between hope and fear, as well as to women who choose not to have children to focus on their careers. Furthermore, this work offers a poignant voice to victims of violence, whose traumas and emotional scars can profoundly influence their relationship with motherhood and fertility.

These moments of loss, these moments of choice are often kept hidden, buried under the weight of stigma. "Ovulation" aspires to break the silence surrounding these issues, and to create a space of understanding and compassion.

Ovulation  |  2024  |  Oil on canvas  |  100 x 50 cm (40" x 20") 

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