Step-by-step painting and Seascape techniques

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This page is going to be filled with my step-by-step painting examples, as well as my own findings for a techniques of a successful seascape painting. I will upload new articles constantly, as soon as I have a possibility to register them. Feel free to ask any questions in the form provided on the "Tutorials" page.

Every article is going to be illustrated by my own painting examples, as well as some academic or contemporary works. In case if you find some texts or images conflicting to copyright terms, please feel free to report them via "Contact" form, and the issues will be treated or removed immediately.

The materials are created for non-commercial use, they are free of charge and can be reproduced non-commercially (cannot be resold!), with an obligatory reference to this website "" and its author, Marina Bogacheff.

Step-by-step painting 01

Mediteranean wave painted in oil on canvas, by steps

Step-by-Step painting 02

Aplin lake painted in oil on canvas, by steps

Seascape composition

[ in construction]

Drawing horizons

[ in construction]

Seascape colours

[ in construction]

Water reflections

[ in construction]

Water transparency

[ in construction]

Painting foam

[ in construction]

Skies and clouds

[ in construction]

Water and wind movements

[ in construction]


[ in construction]

Painting underwater

[ in construction]

Painting sand, rocks and beach scenes

[ in construction]

Questions ?

[ in construction]

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